My Driving Why

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I came back to complete my Bachelors of Science degree.


I am strengthening my skills and knowledge in Consumer Services in Family Finance Management.

For me, it was really easy to come back because everyone that I needed was here from the start. I am lucky that Ohio State has the degree completion program in place. This program allows former athletes who, for whatever reason, didn’t finish their degree to come back and complete their education. Even for something as simple as getting your class scheduled, these resources made the transition back to school a lot easier.  

Every time I walk by the familiar places on campus it brings back all the memories I made here. Even though I have all those memories of campus, a lot has changed. Just thinking of Mirror Lake brings me back to when I was first on campus. I heard that it is about to be torn down because of an accident that happened. The memories I am making now have a different focus from the ones I made before.

I knew that this was the right step for me. When I think about all the reasons why I came back to school, I know the most important reason is because it is going to help me move forward.

I think when you are at any school it will come with its challenges. In my program, we really go into detail of the "why" and "how” family finances affect so many aspects of life.


I think being able to help others is my driving “Why”.


There was a point in my life before the NFL, where I wondered if I made one million dollars what would be my next steps? Now I wonder, “What else am I capable of accomplishing?”