Growing My Network

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As I got older, my love for trampoline got stronger. I remember taking a lot of advice from some of the guys I trained with at Canada’s Wonderland. I never took a word they told me for granted and to this day I still appreciate the support I had along the way.

They ended up getting me into contact with their boss, which allowed me to have the opportunity to perform at Wonderland. Wonderland has always been so great to me, they have always been so understanding towards giving me time off for competitions.

Les Production Hair Vol is a company I am still currently working for. I've been working for them since 2011. I do different style shows with them.


This is the place where I started learning trampoline wall and high diving.


I started to make some videos and I wanted to network as much as I could. I just wanted to meet as many people as I could and see what other opportunities I could make.

The one thing that was always first on my plate was pushing in the Olympics. I worked out really hard to do shows and competitions. Someone who has provided me with constant support has to be my Coach, Dave Ross. He is an Olympic Coach in Canada. I was only 12 years old when I started working with him and the first show I ever had him for was in 2003. This event was a small event for a few people, more of a demonstration style.

I have made a lot of memories along the way but my story doesn’t end here.


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