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Where 1,300+ athletes from 40+ countries, 40+ sports, and more than half a billion fans unite to learn, connect and transform together.


Athlete are more than stats, the uniforms they wear or the countries they represent. Athletes are people. They have families, passions and desires. VIKTRE is where you can discover what makes an athlete a person and CONNECT with them at a deeper level.


Giving back. It's a core value of nearly every athlete. Athletes are involved in their communities at the local, national and even global level. Now you can stand alongside those athletes to make an impact on the world around you. Take an active role in campaigns with the power to TRANSFORM.


Athletes are the perfect teachers. They have mastered their craft and achieved success at the highest level. Now the world's greatest athletes will share THEIR secrets to success so YOU can achieve your own.

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1,300 athletes have already joined the VIKTRE community. More are signing up everyday. Here's just a sample of the global stars that are making an active difference in the lives of fans around world.