Legendary Shots: 3rd Duke - Tee


Ian Poulter: Time to have a bit of fun with Charley Hull, we're on Woburn golf course.                          

We're on the 3rd hole on the Duke's golf course, it's 134 yards from this top tee box. All of the best par threes (in my opinion) in the world are under 150 yards and you can probably name them on one or two hands. 17th at TPC Sawgrass, the Postage Stamp. You've got the 7th at Pebble Beach, the short one at Royal Melbourne and on and on and on. We can talk about short par threes. I love them, I think you love short par threes, this one sets up as a fantastic challenge. The elevation change between the tee and the green is about 12 yards which is a lot, so I know it's a short haul but it's very tricky, you've got to take that into consideration. Charley said earlier "the green's very slopey", right?


Charley Hull: Yeah. Sometimes on this hole you'd rather be absolutely sure that they're not temporary over it because sometimes in the semis you can't stop the putt coming down.


Ian Poulter: It's very fast from back to front. We're probably hitting gap wedge or even sand wedge. It's going to pitch past the pin, it's going to have a lot of spin, obviously you want it to be short of the pin. As Charley said, you'd rather be putting up the slope than down the slope, so it's one of the best par threes in the world. We're going to play it and show you hopefully how to play it well.                          


Tell you what, it looks very good. So, it's pitched about two yards past the pin, Charley?


Charley Hull: Yeah.


Ian Poulter: It's done exactly what we said, it's going to spin back. The green slope's very severe from back to front, she's left herself an uphill putt of about 25-feet.                          


We find ourselves at the back of the third green, you'll see on this hole we've hit it right at the back of the green, this putt from back to front is almost impossible. It's a par three, it's only 134 yards, but you have to keep it short of this pin to leave yourself an uphill putt. We've positioned these balls at the back of the green here just to show you how tricky and how precise you really need to be with your club selection on this hole.                          


We've got about a 30-35 foot putt, super fast, breaking a lot left to right. I'm just going to show you how tricky this putt is going to be, I'm just going to try and two-putt this with Charley and see how this pans out. I'm going to give this about eight feet of break. Now, this ball … Break. Stop, stop, stop.                          


I've hit what I thought was a great putt and the ball has just kept running, it's gone six feet past. So Charley, you have a go now.                          


What do you reckon, Charley? Break, break, break. Same. I think it's going to be exactly the same spot. Identical. That's unbelievable. I'll tell you what. Let's have a little go at holing these then shall we?                          


You can see what we're left with now, we've got a seven-foot putt uphill which is slightly easier than having a downhill putt, but we're tall players. We've struggled from 35 feet to obviously get it inside give me range, now this is the tester if we can actually hole the one coming back. This proves what a great par three this really is.


Charley Hull: Could I be winning the whole challenge here?


Ian Poulter: This might be Charley's challenge again. Okay, Thirty-five feet, we should never three putt, pros shouldn't three putt. This just goes to show how tricky this short little 134-yard par three really is. It is a must play golf hole, I love it, Charley loves it. I think all the members and guests that come here to Woburn Golf Club love playing this hole. It's a special par three, it's one of the very, very best in the world. Enjoy it when you come and play.


Charley Hull: Good luck.

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