Dream flight - I Love Giving Back

One person lands in Orlando, gets a private escort and shuts down the freeway, the President. One other thing that they shut it down for - Dreamflight


You know, we're in a fortunate situation. We get to meet a lot of good business people, we get to mingle with, you know, lots of people in a very privileged situation. And by giving a bit of time back to people like Pat, who've done wonders for charities in the last 30 years, you know, I feel sense of pride, that, you know, I'm able to, I'm able to give that time for her because of the good I see in what she does. 

Pat started the charity 29 years ago, and she thought it was a vision to do it for a year. 29 years later, we're about to receive the airplane in a week's time into Orlando, and that's the 30th year. 192 kids every year, 30 years, do the math. She thought it was a one-year, let's do it, it'll be amazing, it'll be a great story. Well, 30 years going, it's still a great story. 

You know, to know how many people around the world are prepared to give their time away from their families for her to look after someone else's children, is mind blowing. And there's 200 plus volunteers that volunteer nine days of their life to give to these kids. It's amazing. So when you spend time with those people, and those people that give their time. 

It makes you want to give more, and I never had a -- I mean, I've got to say, back, you know, as a young boy who loves sport and playing golf, I didn't really. . . I probably didn't understand the level of giving as much as I do today. You do it, but you do it in a different fashion. And today, we just do it on a much grander scale. 

But the fun thing is, with Dreamflight, it's not every dollar comes from a big donation. It's loads and loads of little donations that make it possible for Pat to put this on. So, $10 to Pat, you know, she knows that that $10 goes straight to the kids. 

My caddy that I've had for 10 plus years, introduced me to Pat back home in the UK. She was telling me about the charity, how the plane lands in Orlando, and what it is they do. I said well, I've got a house in Orlando, I'd like to come over when the plane lands. And, you know, every year, every year it gets bigger from a perspective of knowing more people that give their time and money to help Pat. 

It's, you know, it's a very refreshing charity. And the reason I smile is cause, I mean, I can picture their faces as they come off the plane. They can't believe they're in Orlando. They can't believe they've just landed here. The plane gets hosed down by the fire brigade. There's police escort of bikes that circle the airplane, and I mean, it's a cavalcade of police. 

The only person that lands in Orlando that gets a private escort and has the entire motorway system, freeway shut down, is the President. There's only one other thing that they shut it down for. Dreamflight. The whole motorway, they get the police escort from the airport to the hotel, and the whole thing gets shut down. 

It's a sight to be seen. It's amazing. Because the kids are special. You know what? They need to, you know, they need to realise that they're normal, they're one of us. They have their problems and their issues, which they're dealing with, and they just need that sense of it's okay. 

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