On The Road: Fozzy


I used to say if Journey and Metallica had a bastard child it would be Fozzy. Now on this record, if Journey and AC/DC had a bastard child with Metallica as the stepfather that would be Fozzy. It's a little bit more groove. We've always been about the groove. Our style is very heavy but with a lot of groove and a lot of harmonies in the vocals, all the way across the board. Not a lot of bands do stuff like we do like crowd chants that you might have seen at a White Snake concert in 1987. But, nobody does that now in 2017, it's still about entertaining people and putting on a great show.


The music is heavy, it's melodic, but I channel all of my biggest influences as a front man whether it be Paul Stanley or David Lee Roth or Freddie Mercury or any of those guys, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Perry. I don't have a problem putting myself out there. We take ourselves seriously musically, but on stage we always make sure to have a good time because that's what it's all about. 


We've really been building our reputation over the last six or seven years as being one of the most entertaining bands that you'll see. We don't have giant dinosaurs, flash pots or spaceships on stage. We are the show and we take great pride in that, we're actually getting the reputation of bands not wanting to follow us which is a good thing. It means that most of the time we have to headline our own shows because a lot of bands won't take us on tour with them, but it's good, man.


It's exciting because I call it the "Judas effect". Our single "Judas" has just gone through the roof! It's still growing five months after it was released. The video is at 9.4 million views in five months and radio's all over it, you can just see the difference in the fans that are coming to the shows. The reaction & buzz, just overall consensus of growing what Fozzy is has just gone through the roof over the last three or four months, so it's been a great time. I've been playing in a band since I was 12 years old and wrestling just happened to take off before music did which is probably better. It probably makes more sense to get into music later on, it'd probably be harder to get into wrestling later on. Wrestling's a young man's game, music you can go till you're 75 like the Stones and Paul McCartney are showing us.


I remember at 13 years old I wanted to be in a rock & roll band and I wanted to be wrestler. I didn't care what anybody else thought about it because everyone seemed to have their opinions they wanted to tell me and if you wanted to ask what I wanted to do when I grew up and you don't like the answer, then keep it to yourself, I don't care. I always wanted to be the ultimate front man in the world of wrestling, the David Lee Roth of wrestling, and then when Fozzy started taking off I took the same techniques that I was using in wrestling that I stole from rock & roll, put them back into the band. It's very similar, you have to connect with the audience, that's the most important thing. Whether you're the front man of the band, whether you're wrestling, whether you're a comedian, whether you're a dancer, anything that's in front of a live audience you have to connect. I don't care how good your performance is, perfect match, perfect gig, if people don’t respond then it sucks. I don't care how bad it is, if people are going nuts at the end of it, well that's what it's all about.

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