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We Rescue Sex Trafficked Kids in SE Asia *Watch the Videos of What We Do!

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My name is Chris Lori and I volunteer as an under-cover anti sex-trafficking operative with Destiny Rescue, a charitable organization who rescue and restore young girls from sexual exploitation in South-East Asia covering Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia.

What We Do

Through a maze of complicated networks and organizations, Sex trafficking in SE Asia entraps tens of thousands of helpless and precious little girls to the throws of rape and unspeakable emotional abuse, dally.

We methodically crawl through the darkest and most dangerous places in cities such as; Manila, Phnom Penh and Bangkok, as well as remote area’s in the countryside, searching the underground for young girls being sold for sex.

When the we hit on a network, the interactions and images of both, the traffickers and the little girls, are captured on surveillance devices to build a case. The intelligence gained in surveillance is taken to the National Police, with whom our teams have a trustworthy, cooperative and productive relationship. Following, the teams collectively stage a pursuit and entrapment operation, with whatever force deemed necessary, where the kids are rescued, and the perpetrators arrested.

My Involvement

 In 2013, I first became involved with Destiny Rescue as a supporter to the under-cover operative team members. In 2017, I became active with the crews in Manila occupying a specific role on the front-line as burn agent and a front man for a “customer network” dealing directly with the perpetrators, gathering evidence and staging incriminating scenes.

I have an awareness presentation that tells the story, in pictures, of our high-risk work in the streets and real-life scenarios rescuing the girls. Not only stories of rescue, but aftercare, where there is love poured over the girls that lead to hearts redeemed and a life renewed.  

I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario Canada with his 7 siblings. I represented Canada in 4 Olympic Winter Games and was World Champion in the sport of Bobsledding. My job has me in Asia a lot, so this allows me several months of the year to work with the teams in SE Asia or be upon call for specific operations.

The Request

We are contacting you to request an opportunity to speak to your group to create awareness about Sex Trafficking. Donations accepted, but money is not the concern.

Donations - Where the Funds Go

Although the Operatives are highly skilled volunteers, they have no real financial networks from which to draw support. It is my pleasure to help the crew raise funds to support the lead operatives and to expand the teams, so we can rescue more girls. We pay our local operatives a monthly salary of roughly $320 USD p/m and our head of all operatives is paid about $1200 a month, since his level of responsibility encompasses all aspect of rescue ops, working with police and admin. We are currently expanding out teams.  I am responsible for distribution of support to the operatives.  

Our boys can be supported here - Tax Receipts for US Persons

A Snapshot of What We Do!

Here is a short video that follows our team on a surveillance task to find hidden children and acquire information leading to a rescue operation.

Agents on Surveillance

The password to access the video is the word: “hidden” Watch Intense Video Here 

Post Rescue Aftercare Follow-up from Operation Goldilocks – Manila, Philippines

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