Magic Moments


It was my last year in the NFL when I played for the Minnesota Vikings and Coach Childress was our head coach. We line up on the one-yard line, Darrell Bevell was the offense coordinator. They called "All go" which is four go rounds down, the sideline, hash, hash, sideline, and Peter Tillman's the left corner. He's looking right at me and I'm trying to make it look like I'm going to throw it to the tight end down the hash, he sinks in, they throw it over his head to Bernard Berry and we threw a 99-yard touchdown pass.

That was really interesting, that feeling. The place erupts, I'm running, that's probably the first I've ever run on a football field during a game from the back of the end zone to the other end zone. I always celebrated with the guys who caught touchdowns for me because I knew it wasn't just me, I wanted to celebrate in every one of those and enjoy that moment, that was a big deal.

When I was playing for the Denver Broncos, I actually threw five touchdowns, four interceptions. It was just that game was an emotional rollercoaster for me. We were playing San Diego Chargers, it was one of the Ryan Leaf's last games. He was coming back, he had a decent game and I'm in it for myself and throw interception, throw a touchdown, throw interception, throw a touchdown. At the end of the game (I) was able to lead the team down, throw a touchdown to Ed McCaffrey to end the game, it was a really emotionally charged game and I'll never forget that time at mile high because it's not just you & Ed and your team out there, but it's the 60-70,000 fans that are going crazy too, to experience that and to be in the middle of all that is an incredible feeling. When I'm watching hockey playoffs now since I'm a big Penguins' fan, just seeing those guys and the fans going crazy pounding on the glass and how – to remember back to when you were in that situation how calm those guys are when they're playing but everybody else is going nuts in the whole arena. That brings back a lot of emotions, a lot of feelings.

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