As we were developing our technology for the RC21X, we hadn't had a name for it at the time, I said our tool is a tool that was made and developed because of the fact that a young kid had passed away that was misdiagnosed, what better name to name it after than Roberto Clemente because he was a humanitarian. He died trying to save people's lives and there was no better way than to name the tool RC21X standing for Roberto Clemente, his number 21. It acts like being a script. Then we did our app and we named the app Roberto.                              


Cal was the son of one of my fraternity brothers and the interesting thing about it is that he played football at Central Catholic where Gus' son and my son now play. Cal went to go watch a game, wasn't playing in a game and he was with his teammates because they played a team the next week. He sneezed really hard, started to get sick and Cal went to the restroom. The police and EMS thought he was on drugs or alcohol, he wasn't. He wasn't that type of kid, so they rushed him to the hospital, they ran the imaging scans to make sure it was okay and the doctors said "well, maybe (he) had a concussion playing football during the week or something, maybe something happened. We recommend you go see your primary care physician tomorrow because we don't see inter-cranial bleeding or anything like that".                              


The next day Cal was going to go see his primary care physician, he couldn't get out of bed. They ended up rushing him to the hospital, they got to the emergency room at UPMC and nobody could figure out what was going on. He continued to degrade & degrade, then eventually stroked and died the next day. We (and family members) felt that if that if you have a tool that has data that's on a cloud that can be accessible from anywhere in the world that we can help save lives and we could have possibly helped save Cal's life because they wouldn't have sent him home.                              


Having Gus onboard is huge because Gus' contacts have given us an opportunity to get our company out in front of markets that we would not have been able to before. Gus is very educated and well spoken when he's speaking about the technology to represent it the right way. Bringing him onboard has really taken us to another level and Gus has been able to get our technology in front of organizations from the NFL Players Association to attorneys. Having an individual like Gus onboard is really well respected, played 15 years NFL and is very astute and picks up very fast, has been a very important thing to our company, organization.


Gus Frerotte: I really want us to be the tool that everybody uses, not some people use. We can go anywhere from 6 to 106 years old, if you can read or write you can use our tool. We're all working together to really put a great product out there that people can enjoy, understand and basically give them a better life. Your brain, it's the best tool we have and it's the least known tool that we use, right? Nobody can understand it, all these people try to tell you what to do, but I think Clarence came up with a way for you to monitor your brain performance and understand the health of your brain right in your own pocket. It's great stuff, I'm really proud to be part of this company.

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