Bad As I Wanna Be: Life After Ball


Viktre: AJ tells me you go wherever there's women, cars and a beach.


Well, you know how it is.


I've got some good things going on in my life and have some good people, good friends. To me that's the most important thing. Women come and go, money come(s) and go(es), but friends should last for a long time, brother. That's the most important thing for me.             


V: What are you up to nowadays?


A lot of people say (ask) "Where you been?", people actually look at me now when I goto the airport, restaurants, people down here on the beach look at me like "Oh my god". I said "I'm not dead". Because ain't nobody going to see me on TV a lot, but that makes me kind of stay low key. I'm around, I'm just busy travelling around the world and doing my thing.


V: How do you relax?


I just relax, man. Work out everyday, try to stay healthy. "TRY", that's the key word. Try to stay healthy and just hang with my friends, since I'm not in the game anymore my kids are. It's cool, try to be normal. It's cool to try to be normal and I like that.


V: What are your kids up to?


A lot of people in the world don't even know I got kids, they probably just think I rent them just for the hell of it. I do have kids, I got four kids and fortunately for me they're pretty much straight laced, very balanced. They're not into drugs, alcohol. I drink a little bit but they're all about sports and they're very clean minded. You're going to start seeing my kids a lot on TV, it'll be good for me. I just say "Oh my god, I'm proud of my kids", instead of everyone saying "Oh, you're Dennis Rodman's kids?" No, they're going to be DJ and Trinity, now I'm in the background.


She's (Trinity) 15, I forgot that 2-days ago, I said "Wait a minute, are they in school? What grade are they in?". She's a sophomore, she's 15 and DJ's 16.  


I just think kids today are so emulated by any sport now: Football, basketball, baseball, even soccer. I just think that kids are looking at the money and the fame now, if they're halfway good they will love to be in the sport. My kids (are) pretty much just like me, they don't care about the money, they just love playing sports. My son plays basketball and football, he's about 6'8" now. My daughter's a soccer player, she's on the national team now, she just came back from Germany. She's trying to qualify for the world cup this year or next year, she'll probably make it because she's that good. I'm just fortunate enough that my kids have a lot of talent especially, when I'm having a big head. They don't care if I'm famous or not, they don't care if I go and dress in drag. They don't give a damn, they just want to hang out and just play sports.


V: What's it like to watch your kids grow up?


She is really good now, I'm shocked every time I see her and I'm like "Wow!". That makes me proud, "Wow, I actually got two kids that actually play sports". Got another kid that had a baby. (I'm a) Grandfather. Damn, I don't want to be a grandfather but hey, that day comes, right? All my kids are really, really balanced and I'm just very happy and lucky that they are.


V: Would you ever get into broadcasting?


No, no, no, no, no. No, none of that. No. That's what I said, a lot of former athletes and players along the league especially NFL, basketball, baseball, they always get back into the game because, I mean I love the game, (but) I don't love the game that much. Oh, sh*t. I took a break, take a break. I think some of the guys actually do, they're passionate about the game, but I just can't do it everyday, 24 hours a day. I can't do it, I got to turn it off, man. Turn it off. I've been turning it off for the last 15 years, I'm happy for that. That's my style and I say I want to be normal. I don't want to be on TV all the time, (I) just want to just check out my kids, see how they're doing, watch them grow up and watch the grandkids. "Watch the grandkids". Oh, man. That's hard.

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