Belated NFL Cut Day Post

The last time I wore an NFL helmet.

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The business of football if a tough one. In one day over 1184 players lose their jobs. 320 are signed back to practice squads and a handful of others find work in leagues like the CFL and AFL. I was lucky enough to make a five year career out of pro football, and in my one was on 3 arena teams, one CFL team, and an NFL team as well as earning a handful of tryouts with NFL teams. At 27 I felt the wear and tear in my body, and knew there wasn’t much time left in the pro’s; not many other careers will having you feeling old at 27! The the amount of time and effort, blood, sweat and tears it took to make something out of nothing is almost indescribable. Someday soon I hope to put my journey on paper, and let people read my full story in hopes I inspire them, and to help other players learn from my mistakes. As for the recent cuts, I was all those players nothing but the best and hope they take their odds and do the best they can with them! If you think something is impossible, it is, so lose that mindset!