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Why We Exist

In 2014, we set out to create the world's largest global network of sports stars.


Because we believe a community of athletes—past and present—working together has the power to positively IMPACT the lives of millions of people.

We believe athletes have more to offer their fans than their ability to hit a ball or score a goal.

We believe athletes have the power To Connect. To Transform. To Teach.

But athletes need a partner to organize and empower the community to realize its potential.

And that is VIKTRE's reason for existence and ultimate purpose.

Join Our Community

Since our founding we've built a community of 1,300+ international sports stars from 40 different countries representing 32 different sports. Collectively these athletes reach more than half a billion fans around the world.

With our community now at sufficient scale (and still growing) we're building tools, resources, experiences and campaigns to leverage the collective power of the world's athlete community.

We're creating opportunities for you to connect with athletes in ways never before possible.

Experience the athlete's off-the-field life through athlete-shared daily content.

Learn the secrets to success through athlete-taught courses.

Impact the world by actively supporting causes through athlete-led campaigns.

Join the world's largest global community of athletes and fans.

Join us in VIKTRE

A Global Community of Athletes

1,300+ athletes have already joined the VIKTRE community. More are signing up everyday. Here's just a sample of the global stars that are making an active difference in the lives of fans around world.

  • David Villa
    David Villa

    Professional Footballer

  • Dante Santos
    Dante Santos

    Professional Footballer

  • P. V. Sindhu
    P. V. Sindhu

    Badminton Player

  • Kaká

    Professional Footballer

  • Rubens Barrichello
    Rubens Barrichello

    F1 Racer

  • David Luiz
    David Luiz

    Professional Footballer

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma

    Professional Cricketer

  • Don Davey
    Don Davey

    Former NFL Player

  • Carol Cooke
    Carol Cooke


  • Gary Harris
    Gary Harris

    NBA Player

  • Virat Kohli
    Virat Kohli

    Professional Cricketer

  • JJ Birden
    JJ Birden

    Former NFL Player

  • Bernie Nicholls
    Bernie Nicholls

    Former NHL Player

  • Vijender Singh
    Vijender Singh

    Professional Boxer

  • George Hincapie
    George Hincapie

    Professional Cyclist

  • Nick Lowery
    Nick Lowery

    Former NFL Player

  • Thomas Fraser Holmes
    Thomas Fraser Holmes

    Professional Swimmer

  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall

    Stunt Pilot

  • Carlin Isles
    Carlin Isles

    Professional Rugby Player

  • Tai Emery
    Tai Emery

    MMA Fighter

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    Professional Cricketer

  • Ian Poulter
    Ian Poulter

    Professional Golfer

  • Iker Casillas
    Iker Casillas

    Professional Footballer

  • Jesse Lipscombe
    Jesse Lipscombe

    Personal Trainer & Actor

  • Phil Esposito
    Phil Esposito

    Former NHL Player

  • Roberto Carlos
    Roberto Carlos

    Former Footballer

  • Stoffel Vandoorne
    Stoffel Vandoorne

    F1 Driver

  • Mariah Fujimagari
    Mariah Fujimagari

    Professional Hockey Player